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With a proven track record of success, Bailey Environmental is at the forefront of environmentally-sensitive habitat monitoring and management.

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Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project (2021 – current)

In 2021, Bailey was retained by Fraser Crossing Constructors Partnership Group (FCCGP) to provide environmental monitoring, management, and compliance support for the Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project (PBRP) in Surrey and New Westminster, BC. Bailey is currently providing a team of environmental monitors (EMs) who are QEPs (qualified environmental professionals) for both uplands and in-water works, along with senior compliance support.

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Our Safety Policy

Bailey is committed to fostering a safe, productive, and healthy workplace for its employees and contractors and those whose safety may be affected by the conduct of our workers. We are focused on preventing injury to people and damage to the environment, property, and equipment. Bailey is dedicated to the safety and dignity of our workers, the welfare of workers and their families, and the best interests of Bailey, our clients, the industry, and the public.