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Who We Are

Exceptional Environmental Solutions

Our practical, hands-on approach to managing environmentally sensitive projects has established a reputation that keeps clients coming back!

Doing What's Right

Driven by Knowledge and Passion

Leading the Way

Full-Service Consulting

We provide front end assessment and permitting services as well as construction monitoring and management for range of projects including infrastructure, oil and gas and marine construction. We have created a strong reputation in environmental management, providing baseline assessments, environmental management, monitoring during the construction phase and post construction monitoring.

The Local Experience

Proud of our Roots

As a local BC company, founded in North Vancouver with a new satellite office in Kamloops, we are proud of our proven track record of success and providing a practical, hands-on approach to environmental management. We have been central to a diversity of projects in the Pacific Northwest. Our team consists of registered, qualified environmental professionals, providing a wide range of environmental services.