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What We Do

Bailey Environmental services licensees, regulators and contractors on a broad range of projects, and we value our experience with First Nations engagement, including all aspects of project consultation and development.

Our Services

Project Planning and Permitting

Clear communication and a proactive approach are at the core of successfully navigating the complexities of permit requirements, especially in conjunction with overlapping jurisdictions and interests.

By maintaining open communication with regulators, our team has established positive relationships built on trust and respect, allowing for efficient and timely permit approvals. From fish and wildlife sampling and salvage permits to obtaining approvals under the Fisheries Act, Water Sustainability Act, or permits from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, our team of experienced professionals can help make the process smooth.

We are industry leaders in creating compliance and supporting documents such as Environmental Work Plans, Environmental Protection Plans, Construction Environmental Management Plans, monitoring plans, monitoring reports, and spill reporting.

Our Services

Environmental Assessments

Protecting wildlife and natural resources while implementing safe and thoughtful development is the cornerstone of any project. By creating comprehensive schedules and maintaining direct communication with clients, Bailey strives to simplify and streamline the permitting and regulatory processes for projects requiring environmental assessments.

Bailey’s attention to detail and knowledge of marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems has also led to the success of hundreds of sensitive projects. Our team of Qualified Environmental Professionals have the expertise to work in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems on a wide range of conservation, scientific, and industrial projects.

Our team can support a wide variety of assessments from literature reviews and scientific studies to baseline data collection and effects assessments, before-after-control-impact assessments, and much more. From ocean depths to mountain tops, we have the expertise to support any project.

Our Services

Marine Management

With over 25,700 km of coastline, many projects in British Columbia are influenced by the marine environment, often requiring varying degrees of regulatory approvals and services.

With unimpeded access to the marine environment, Bailey has built the extensive knowledge network necessary to navigate the complex regulatory steps required to work within the marine ecosystem. Bailey is an industry leader in marine conservation and resource management, regularly collaborating and fostering relationships with private, public, industrial, and government organizations, as well as Indigenous communities.

Our team have extensive experience with marine construction monitoring, marine mammal and bird surveys and monitoring during construction, hydroacoustic monitoring, side scan sonar, marine habitat assessments, tidal, intertidal and subtidal surveys (ROV), and permitting.

Our Services

Fish and Wildlife Management

Fish and wildlife management is a major part of development and project works. With over 248 species at risk in British Columbia and thousands of fish bearing watercourses, navigating regulatory requirements can be a challenge.

Bailey has been at the forefront of fish and wildlife management for more than 20 years. Our team of Registered Professional Biologists and Biological Technicians have planned and led hundreds of fish and wildlife focused projects.

Our team has the proven experience in planning and executing fish and wildlife services from the common practices (fish and amphibian salvages, pre-clearing nest surveys, small mammal trapping and relocation, and bear den surveys) to specialty work (habitat modeling, eDNA surveys, ARU deployment, bat surveys, mountain goat monitoring, and reptile mark-recapture).

Our Services

Forestry and Terrestrial Ecology

Much of British Columbia is covered by forests. Diverse forest ecosystems stretch from valley bottoms to the sub-alpine, across maritime and continental influences, and from southern to northern climates. While close to 15% of British Columbia’s terrestrial environment is protected, much of its forested area has been managed as a crop, within various paradigms of “sustainable harvest”.

Management practice is refocusing on the role of healthy and biodiverse forests in providing resilience to climate change-induced natural disasters, sequestering carbon, and maintaining viable populations of fish and wildlife species. This management is being shared, or transferred in many cases, to the original stewards of the land, Indigenous communities. Bailey is proud to provide services that assist in this transition.

We have a diverse team that has experience in non-traditional forestry services such as literature reviews and study design for forest ecology and wildfire research, preparing forest resilience plans, and providing third party reviews of forest practices and policy. Our staff works with Indigenous communities to provide technical aid with resource application (referral) recommendations and developing standards and best practices for operators working within jurisdictions, technical support in developing Forest Landscape Plans, Land Use Planning, and non-timber resource models and management strategies.

Our Services

Water Quality Monitoring and Sediment Sampling

Water quality can provide a wealth of information about ecosystem health and the impacts of human input (e.g., chlorine from tap water or microbes from sewage). During construction activities, measuring turbidity and total suspended solids is a way to measure the project activity’s influence on the environment.

Our team adheres to strict sampling procedures that vary depending on the type of sampling required. In situ (real time) and ex situ (laboratory analysis) are both important tools that we use to help paint a picture of water and sediment quality. We have expertise in many different sampling parameters and offer in situ sampling for turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, conductivity, and chlorine. We also offer ex situ sampling including hydrocarbons, metals, microbes, and bacterial source tracking using eDNA. Beyond this, we offer sediment sampling in rivers, lakes, or marine environments with ponars, core samplers, or good old fashioned shoveling.

Our Services

Erosion and Sediment Control

Water runoff and sediment control is a significant challenge for many projects. Without adequate control measures, water runoff can lead to significant environmental impacts, project delays, and unsafe working conditions.

Bailey’s team of Certified Erosion Sediment Control Leads are trained to handle any task, often employing novel, proactive approaches to erosion and sediment control challenges. We use a hands-on approach to successfully implement erosion and sediment control measures on industrial, residential, and conservation projects.

We are proud to be corporate members of the Erosion and Sediment Control Association of BC and attend the annual conference to stay at the forefront of new approaches, methods, and lessons learned from our industry colleagues.